Flavor Profile:

Jak Frost Winter Cinnamon has quickly become one of our most requested pepper sauces. This sauce adds the unique complexity to your favorite dishes you’ve been looking for. Jak Frost’s unique flavor profile comes from a touch of cinnamon backed up with a wonderful, maple-bacon syrup sweetness. The cinnamon and maple-bacon syrup are complimented by a smoky and peppery habanero and dried chipotle pepper flavor. With a “NON-vinegar” base, all of the intense flavors in Jak Frost Winter Cinnamon are very well balanced and no one flavor over powers this hearty, well traveled sauce. Jak Frost Winter Cinnamon has a nice kick of heat, yet is not over powering and is very approachable.


Flavor Travel:

The initial touch of cinnamon flavor up front quickly gives way to a wonderful, maple-bacon syrup sweetness. After the maple-bacon syrup flavor you will then finish with a nice smoky pepperiness and well-rounded heat from the habanero and dried chipotle peppers.

Jak Frost Winter Cinnamon


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